Serial Paste

Serial Paste allows you to copy multiple elements and then paste them in the same order.

Note: CopyLess Helper plugin is required for Serial Paste to work properly.
Imagine you want to copy 3 text snippets from TextEdit to Mail. The workflow would look like this:
  • Open TextEdit
  • Press ⌥⌘Y to start recording elements
  • Copy text snippet 1
  • Copy text snippet 2
  • Copy text snippet 3
  • Open Apple Mail
  • Press ⌥⌘X to paste text snippet 1
  • Press ⌥⌘X to paste text snippet 2
  • Press ⌥⌘X to paste text snippet 3
Hint: To add existing elements to the Serial Paste buffer, just Option-Click them in the CopyLess window.
Start Serial Paste
■ Start Serial Paste by choosing Serial Copy&Paste > Start Recording in a status bar menu. Alternatively, press ⌥⌘Y.
■ Now copy anything you want, the copied elements will be added automatically to the serial paste buffer.
Pause/Resume Serial Paste
■ Pause Serial Paste by choosing Serial Copy&Paste > Pause Recording. Alternatively, press ⌥⌘Y.
■ Copied elements won't be added to the serial paste buffer any more.
■ Resume recording any time by choosing Serial Copy&Paste > Resume Recording.
Replay Recorded Elements
■ Recorded elements are replayed one by one in an order they have been added to the buffer. Choose Serial Copy&Paste > Replay Next to replay first element from the buffer. Alternatively, press ⌥⌘X.

To be continued...